Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Grace, uninterrupted

My deputy editor doesn't remember much about my initial days in office. It goes to show where i must be placed in her pecking order of significant people. But then, i have a very bad habit of remembering details which nobody else gives a fuck about. No, this ain't a newfound conclusion. I arrived at it long time ago. However, i recently told her that i when i joined work, i instantly assumed her to be a Parsi given her name, features and voice. Later it turned out she is a Muslim. Regardless, i continue to remain protective about her the way i was earlier when i mistook her for an endangered species.
I admire her a lot not just because of her endless 'lessons in life' but also because she doesn't pretend to be someone she isn't. In her case, what i say is what she regrets. So keeping up with the tradition of unfinished conversations wherein either one of us laughed hysterically throwing our head back cutting the short conversation shorter, i asked her who is going to take care of her after i leave my job. Pat came the reply "Tab tak main badi ho jaungi!" with a reluctant smile. She's one of those who is more comfortable laughing. Not the one for etiquette. Not the one for bash. An endangered species indeed.

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