Saturday, February 28, 2015


Doesn't it bother you that the other end of your mouth is a really disgusting place? Or that these two points could very well be connected, which might explain some of the horrible words we end up saying? Moreover, doesn't that make you ponder about the endless excuses to be so damn filthy? Which we are, anyway. And the gist of this stinky post is to bring it to your notice that our body is continuously creating excreta. It's a very natural process. There are microbes in nature who thrive on the time interval between you take a dump and the moment you press the flush button. So it's all good. Nothing to be ashamed of. 
It's also worth nothing that "you're so full of shit" is actually a true statement owing to the actual length of our intestines. Which also democratizes the feelings we have for each other. Whether you like a person or hate him/her with all your heart, s/he is full of stuff only microbes are fond of. 

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