Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Never again

Anna teacher never liked me. There are always some students a teacher find it very difficult to deal with. I was that guy for her. Maybe it was my face. This happened when i was in fourth grade. What's ironical is that her subject happened to be my favourite. What's more interesting is that i was mostly placed closest to her while she was teaching the exploits of Shivaji Maharaj. What's not interesting is that i wasn't a first-bencher. I often used to kneel in front of the wall on which the blackboard was crucified. Like i said, closest. Within seconds of her entering the classroom would i be asked to leave my bench and join her on the floor! This routine went on for a long while as she continued to find faults in me. But it miraculously stopped the day i left my seat—to occupy my knees—while she was about to enter the room for her history class. After that, i was never punished again. Maybe it was my face only. 

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