Thursday, February 26, 2015

Same shit, different universe

Deep inside, i'm everything that i'm not. A world-class musician, a homeostatic hermit, a fabulous footballer, a funny character, a remarkable convincer, a marketing legend and a successful farmer. The reason why i'm all these different things is pretty much the same why i ain't. Yes, it sounds immensely paradoxical but there is a parallel universe in place somewhere too. And unlike the one we inhabit, it must be having me in an altogether different avatar. I might be playing violin there or i could be that epic sage who can control his body temperature/temper. Better still, i might be dribbling past Messi—be it any given universe, he's meant to play football—out there or i could be making eyes wet with my jokes. I might very well be working on the 94th floor as a prime negotiator for MNCs or i could be pwning the dubious art of selling products to those who don't really need them. If not, i might be happy under the sun in a house overlooking a vast field of rice. Like i said, i could be everything i'm not. I just can't be sure about anything anymore. If you still aren't convinced, then i neither blame you nor me. We just happen to be in the wrong universe right now. 

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