Saturday, October 8, 2016

Blowing your own Trump

2016 would be remembered for a lot of things. Some highs. Too many lows. And then there would be Donald Trump; a person so remarkable that it’s becoming impossible to ignore him. A few years ago, you might have chuckled if somebody had suggested that Trump would be one step away from Presidency someday soon. Or worse, enter the White House in November of 2016. Just like you’re chuckling now at Kanye West aspiring to run for president in 2020. But this is the reality that we live in and there’s no escaping from it. A dicey billionaire with utter disregard for anything in general has managed to find a strong fanbase who assume he answers their true calling. It’s ridiculous, yes, but ever wondered why we’ve reached this point of no return? For all his apparent idiocies, you can be assured of one thing from Mr. Trump and that’s entertainment, entertainment and more entertainment. His love for television has surely come in handy. He’s like that drunk uncle in your family who says the darnedest things and you’re left with no choice but shake your head. You can’t do anything about him. You can’t change his views no matter how grossly medieval they sound. The worst part being, his words don’t matter because he is too drunk to do anything about it. That’s exactly how it is with Donald Trump. The only difference being he can do a lot of damage as he’s thirsty for power, not drunk on it. You can’t change his racial-misogynistic-deplorable opinion about things around him but at the same time, you want him to be there. Insofar, he fulfils your criteria of a monster—real or imagined—who would say anything to gain attention. However, the sickness of his vocabulary is making us miss the most important aspect of his rise: our tendency to give importance to things that make noise while ignoring the wise ones who don’t believe in screaming.

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