Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Impossible is nothing

Somebody asked me recently what’s the toughest thing to do. I said discipline can be tough at times. I based that reply on my personal experiences of late. For instance, i bought a new pair (of course, they’ll be new; why would anyone buy second-hand (wait, second-foot?) shoes unless they are Nike sneakers) of running shoes two weeks ago. I’m yet to run though. They lie under my table, gathering dust and wondering when the fuck am i going to take them for a run. So much so they might be silently begging me to at least take them for a walk. Well, look at me. I consue a lot of information throughout the day in the form of words, long articles none of my friends bother to read, book, movies/tv shows/documentaries. It’s exhausting—mentally. I sleep by 11 and wake up by 7 but i don’t have the discipline to implement the most basic of exercises to ensure i don’t suffer from the health issues i’m suffering at the age of 30. Backache. Neck sprain. Acidity. Fatigue. Migraine. Younameitandiwillnodmyheadalong. From being one of the most agile persons around, i’ve cocooned myself as someone who thinks a lot but does very little physically. Small wonder somebody called me chubby recently for the first time in my life. So, yes, to me, the toughest thing to do is instill discipline by carrying out a U-turn on daily sedentary regime.

However, the toughest thing to do is and shall always be nothing.

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You wana do that??log off