Saturday, October 15, 2016

For what it's (not) worth

Either everybody's a victim or nobody is. 

As of now, victimhood is in the air. To make things worse, there's no cure for it either. Chances are we might get rid of cancer before we even get to diagnosing victimhood. It's a special disorder and will take its own sweet time to make us acknowledge its gentle web. Like an embrace that you can't have enough of. Once you carry the esteemed victim card, then you are safe from the burden of taking life-changing decisions. You don't even have to think; the easiest as well as the toughest task under the grey sky. That's the beauty of victimhood. Yes, there are wrongs done on a daily basis to people (we like to believe) didn't deserve it. But then, who does? It's a circle without corners. It's an argumentative trap, this victimhood. It makes you feel part of something stronger than you in weakness. It's not. Merely a reflection of your inertia, that's all. A perfect blame game where you let the situation overcome you and pin you down to the cold floor of submission. And what do you do? Embrace it like a fool who can't use the nature-given intellect to question what went where or how happened when? Nope. Too much to ask for. We'll blame others and marinate our existence absorbing the self-pity that we might get from those who'd bother to pay attention. This is precisely how everybody is becoming a victim of something or the other nowadays. We don't even have to look at the foam of the society anymore. Jews will always cry foul for what happened during the Holocaust. Hindus will always feel they were wronged by history for being too soft. Middle-easterners can always look at Syria/Yemen/Palestine for their share of maudlin. The list goes on... on the geopolitical scale. But this high-level victimhood has trickled down to middle class as well. And that's where this trend gets worrying. The most privileged group of people finding an excuse or two to feel bad about themselves. Which makes you wonder whether the have-nots are better off as they aren't aware of the benefits of victimhood in today's world main because they haven't found a voice—yet.

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