Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Why meditate?

When is the right time to think?
Day after perhaps?
Giving up now?
When is it then?
Thinking is something that’s happening irrespective of whether we want it done or not. That’s the cruel beauty of thinking. The problem is, we tend to confuse worrying with thinking. They aren’t the same. Something critical happens and the crisis mode makes you come up with solutions. And more often than not, you solve the problem at hand but were you really thinking or worrying when such an incident took place? Worrying only makes you feel like you are in control when you really aren’t. Thinking, when allowed to take the whole playground of mind, delivers amazing results whereas worrying tends to harm us in the long run. The brightest of minds and the greatest of ideas mate in the depths of a calm sea, not stormy weather. So, the right question isn’t when. It’s how.

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