Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Crushed, not slipped

The world we inhabit owes a lot to the designers. Everything we see around us—from something as fancy as a car to something as mundane as a bottle—was given shape by minds that hoped to make life (more) convenient. After all, isn't convenience (for others) the core of design? If you make something for humankind, then it's a no-brainer why you'd want everyone to like it. Which is why it's intriguing to find designs that are so ignorant towards the very people they are supposed to cater. For instance, take a look at the dust bin in an ATM. It's always overflowing. Never have i seen the litter where it truly belongs: inside the bin instead of outside. The reason why this is because the designer/s forgot to take into consideration the most basic of human behaviour when it comes to ATM slips. People crush them, barely reading anything. And once they are crushed, they form lumps which obstruct the entry of this bin. Ideally, a slip is supposed to stay true to its name and slip in; which is never going to happen in this case because of certain unavoidable humane traits.

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Ashish R said...

brilliant observation.