Sunday, March 1, 2015

Going places

If you look at pigeons, like really look at them, you'll see that they don't belong anywhere. They always have this shiny veneer of an immigrant. As if they just moved in and hate the place so much that they can't keep themselves from shitting on it. We, the generation of immigrants, are a lot like them too except for the part where you flycrap over strangers. But then, that's what people are supposed to do. Move from one place to another. Not get stuck in one geography for the rest of their life presuming it's the best thing that ever happened to their lungs. There's so much more to explore. New places to check out. Newer places to check in. And to feel the difference between the two. Some of us are indeed lucky enough to travel. Being curious species, we often look at birds and wonder why don't they just take off...see the world...learn what lies beyond the hills. Besides, if we don't, who else will? Birds, no matter how wide their wingspan is, obey nature way too much. They have a fixed path to follow. Of course, that doesn't apply to pigeons. They can target whichever head they want. 

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