Friday, August 16, 2013

A few good omen

A little bit of respect never harmed anyone but why take a chance, right? Exactly. However, there are exceptions who somehow stand out and deserve respect. Below are a few of them.
  1. Those who practise the lost art of listening attentively.
  2. Pious women clad in burqa against this godless weather.
  3. Dino Morea and Kunal Kapoor enrolled in acting classes. 
  4. Illiterate parents who are working real hard to make sure their children get educated.
  5. Every single strand of grey on your head because you've literally earned each one of them.
  6. Hashim Amla's beard.
  7. Yogeshwar Dutt's swollen eye at London Olympics.
  8. Parents armed with wailing infants at public spots. 
  9. Whoever created this poetic world without a muse. 
  10. Anurag Kashyap, because he makes movies that need to be made, irrespective of the box-office.
  11. In times like Uttarkhand floods, Indian Army.
  12. Visually-challenged folks calmly making their way through overcrowded railway platforms in Mumbai.

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Anonymous said...

How about those'not so lesser mortals'who have managed to keep the lost art of modesty alive?