Thursday, August 8, 2013

Whatever goes

It's perfectly OK to assume the world shall end a few minutes after we die. | Delusions such as these can help us survive. | Lower the expectations, the lesser you lie. | Underestimating the trial that follows denial? | And how far is heaven from hell? | Little by little, the journey extends itself. | Like a street without a name but familiarity. | Walk alone but don't forget to sing. | Weakness dwells in the body, not soul. | A little bit of cynicism leads to greater revolt. | Can't afford to let it be otherwise. | Once bitten, forever sly. | The question is still what, not why.


t said...

when whatever goes, the answers will come in a poem like this one. and i'll read you here, like always.

Anonymous said...

The song of loneliness does nothing to nourish the soul.It's all about giving hope another chance to breathe freely without saddling it with qs like what or why!