Friday, August 2, 2013

His way, her will

Will you bathe him and wash away his sins?
Will you touch his soul to see what happens? 
Will you turn your face aside if he leaves?
Will you scream out in delight?
Will you share that space between you and him?
Will you two survive?
Or will you raise a stink?
Will you blame him if your fate fails?
Will you let promises pale?
Will you be honest in your vengeance?
Will you be substantial, spirited and strange?
Will you remember not to remind him of his failures?
Will you succeed in keeping him alive?
Or will you watch him die? 
Will you trick him into the lost art of believing? 
Will you scratch his proverbial surface?
Will you sing songs from the past?
Will you dance even though he came last?
Will you do what has to be done?
Will you overlook his vain remarks?
Or will you pretend to listen? 
Will you abandon yourself?
Will you run against the odds?
Will you rein in for a bit?
Will you dream along?
Will you rhyme with his wrongs?
Will you understand why he's sitting on his hands?
Or will you stop existing for once?


t said...

Who's 'Him'?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if 'he' has ever dreamt 'her' (assuming the 'you' is she) dreams....if he has, I am sure he has all the answers to his qs.

Anonymous said...

What about she?