Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A questionnaire of ignorance

Ever felt like conquering Monday on a Sunday night? Remember that era when common sense prevailed? Have you ever been killed by excessive happiness? Been totally at peace with yourself? You know what's interesting? Remember that era when we weren't wary of falling asleep? Ever been at the center of a groundbreaking event? Can you recall those days when Saturday evening stood for freedom? Ever considered the possibility that someone else could be right too other than you? Remember the New Year Resolutions we made back in January? Are you aware of anybody who has named their kid Barfi yet? Any idea what happens to people like us? Remember the good old days when values really meant something? Have you ever felt like doing what you were born for? Can you recollect that era when we had better things to do? Heard of that monk who pawned his Lamborghini? Ever feel like you're experiencing a life-altering moment? Remember those days we used to have a low-maintenance life? Heard of those tweeps who knew exactly what they were doing online? Know how difficult it is to build a reputation? Reminisce the last time somebody called you a fucking genius? Remember anyone informing you “Jaise bhi ho, acche ho” lately? Remember the last time you offended yourself instead of others? Ever considered the possibility that you could be right too? Remember those weekdays we had real fun? Forget Bolt and Blake, care to learn who's the world's fastest Indian? Who are you?

Me neither. 

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Anonymous said...

Yes, to quite a few.