Sunday, August 18, 2013

Small joys in life

Feeding sparrows with your hand.
Receiving a hand-written letter.  
Getting off safely at Kurla station.
Finding a girl who's fluent in expletives. 
Strong memory.
Kori Rotti.
Father taking pride in your work although he doesn't understand a sentence. 
Bitching and wailing in self-pity.
Being punctual.
Gifting a book to an online friend with a personal note because you can't wait till you write your own.
Witnessing an argument when you know both parties are wrong.
Train fights.
Grandma's nonsensical stories that still make sense.
Cool breeze running through your hair even though you aren't heading to Hotel California.
Independent artistes not giving up. 
Working hard. And then some more.
European leagues to spend weekends on and then spend the following weekdays pretending to be football pundit.
Scratching yourself or picking nose without societal scrutiny to worry about.
Finding a window seat. 
Having a really good topic to write on.
Kids walking like penguins to school.
Choosing to stand in a queue that eventually moves faster than the one on its side. 
Making mother laugh with your jokes.
Making your designate-girlfriend cry with your tales.
World cinema.
Natalie Portman on desktop. 
Early monsoon followed by early winter followed by late summer. 
Mowgli's and Calvin's relative immortality. 
Attending the ceaseless marriage of music and lyrics in Bollywood. 
Salary, no matter how pitiful it is. 
Brilliant ideas only to get wasted in a tweet.  
The acknowledgement of your perfect flaws. 
Free hugs.
More than enough sleep.
Leaving your past behind...for a few moments.
My pals in Pakistan whom i haven't met yet. 
Friendship that shall last longer than forever.
Enmity that doesn't bother you anymore. 
Touchscreen letting you type exactly what you want to.
The belief that everything's going to be OK when you wake up.


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Shakti Shetty


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SS' s writeups......#biggestjoys

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love this

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Marry me?

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nicely written shetty boyyy