Wednesday, August 21, 2013


First truth first. The economy isn't in doldrums. We are. With India's growth rate and inflation both hovering around 5.5%, Rupee becoming the newest world diving champion isn't astonishing. I saw it coming. I even tweeted about it more than two years ago. [Related: That's the Raghuram Rajan in me talking!] Not that anybody cares, my expertise in the field of economics is limited to my pocket. But i know for sure what suffers the most when things aren't running hunky-dory. Smile. People fall victims to amnesia that keeps them from letting that shade of light enter their eyes or brighten their faces. Inflation of emotions ain't a good sign for the economics of reality. Thus Great Depression takes place. As a result, laughter becomes a rare commodity. The fact is that economy is too wide to be understood by commoners. When an economist asks us to do the math, we don't. We'd rather count the number of zeroes in Gareth Bale's estimated value in the transfer window. Words like liquidity, depreciation, fiscal deficit and ilk require degrees to grasp. But given the significance they have in the current scenario, it's a pity that kids don't aspire to be economists. Although the subject deals with natural elements that have hardly anything to do with humans—or their so-called money—and their intelligence, it's pretty hypnotic. Furthermore, it ain't cute to have an opinion about FDI when you can hardly understand the mechanics of market. It's way so complex that a phrase here and an idiom there won't help. Speaking of which, life has stopped handing out free lemons and freer jokes. Blame it on economic uncertainties. Dismal is in the air and growth is far from taking root. In fact, the only growth i've personally witnessed were in my pompous one-liners, corny blog-posts, expectations, movie downloads, Internet bills and beard.

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