Saturday, August 24, 2013

Not always

Sometimes not knowing much helps. Sometimes seeing is belying. Sometimes even life can't prepare you for death. Sometimes the rain stops in the middle but your tears don't. [Related: Crying in the rain is a risky business!] Sometimes our mood is so blue that Coldplay's Yellow can't fix us. Sometimes we express words and sometimes, words express us. Sometimes beauty kills us and at times, it does worse. Sometimes strong sentences don't make as much of an impact as broken jaws. Sometimes you breathe because you've got nothing better to do. Sometimes your face feels like it has been punched by the mirror. Sometimes all you want to do is use your superpowers to log off. Sometimes you don't know why you're happy. [Warning: People often find themselves getting married during such uncertain moments.] Sometimes conversation is the last resort to silence. Sometimes your true calling turns out to be a false alarm. Sometimes the least one can do for others is not exist. Sometimes you star others' tweets just to annoy them. Sometimes even emoticons fail us. Sometimes we act exactly the way we are—and are duly surprised! Sometimes i feel emptier than my bank account. Sometimes music ends up touching all the inappropriate parts in an appropriate manner. Sometimes the darkest hour takes place in broad daylight. Sometimes you need chaos to remind yourself that you're alive and kicking. Sometimes the questions are wrong and answers, right. Sometimes even the superheroes don't come to our rescue. Sometimes you feel older than death. Sometimes we're too selfish to understand love. [Corollary: Sometimes that's how it should be.] Sometimes opportunity loses direction and knocks on your window. Sometimes forever lasts a bit too long. Sometimes you don't know what you're trying to do until it's done. Sometimes people talk to you because they want to hear their own voice. Sometimes you have to destroy yourself to know who you really are. Sometimes our mere existence is a euphemism for getting a joke right. Sometimes even death falls shot of curing fame. Sometimes you feel trapped like that fart inside an overcrowded compartment of a local train. Sometimes your youth outlives you. Sometimes you do your friend a favour and he doesn't forgive you for that. Sometimes she stares at him and witnesses herself fading away. Sometimes "How are you dying?" evokes a more honest response than "How are you doing?". Sometimes life cycle gets punctured by career. Sometimes you're merely few people away from getting a headache. Sometimes giving up requires courage too. Sometimes cussing works wonders while prayers don't. Sometimes things are right in front of you but you don’t see them. [Addendum: Precisely when an eye checkup comes handy.] Sometimes you're so hormonally fucked up that even Kolaveri Di or Gangnam Style makes you weep. Sometimes you need that someone to wake you up from your hopeless dreams. Sometimes you just want others to tell you "It's alright" when you yourself know that it isn't. Sometimes all you need is Rajinikanth to pat your back and say "Don't worry". Sometimes we ask questions only to receive more questions in return. Sometimes joking is injurious to ego. Sometimes your entire body feels like that fingertip on which a butterfly just landed. Sometimes we feel like that finger that has just gotten out of the nose. Sometimes the night feels like talking to morning but then realizes that the latter doesn't deserve such cruelty. Sometimes i wake up in the middle of the night to make sure i ain't dead yet. Sometimes we've got to heel ourselves. Sometimes your inner voice is accented too. Sometimes you wonder why you waste your time on something as trivial as virtual world. [Rebuttal: But then it's almost impossible in today's age to win a widespread audience in the real world.] Sometimes i wish i was a shepherd who earned at least as much as i'm currently doing. Sometimes our luck can't help being a kleptomaniac. Sometimes your plans resemble an e-mail typed with buttocks. Sometimes all you need is a voice to tell you how messed up you really are. Sometimes our soul sounds like it's taking a dump. Sometimes enough is almost enough. Sometimes she acts like a guitar with messed up chords. Sometimes a song doesn't like you. Sometimes you feel as clueless as that toothbrush lying on the dining table. Sometimes your office appears a lot like home but with more egoistic characters. Sometimes sentiments are available in subsidized format. Sometimes all you need to do to make the world a better place is sleep on time. Sometimes it takes more than a lifetime to find that place called home. Sometimes silence is the biggest lie ever told. Sometimes even an elevator lets you down. Sometimes your past dances like crazy in front of you leaving you wonder - "What the fuck is this all about?" Sometimes we are what we are—nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes she misses his incompetence. Sometimes it appears like our whole existence is staged. Sometimes fate makes you feel like an unpaid whore...and then you get used to it. Sometimes all you want to do is nothing and still you're unable to do it. Sometimes i wish i was bored like you instead of busy like me. Sometimes starting sentences with 'Sometimes' doesn't help the case.


Crazy Blogger said...

would you believe if I say You just spoke my mind??

gairo said...

this the worst post of yours. It made us think. That the least we need right now. Fuck worst posts. Worst posts are the worst. This time this worst post get worst of me. Fail is a pure word and Fuck is a failed one. Write about women and tits man. Give me something more than unsubscribed internet porn to jerk-off. That will be worst and fuck and fail.

Anonymous said...

Again, I ask, marry me?