Thursday, October 17, 2013

An argument with yourself

People keep asking themselves questions—if they can afford to—with no real answers. WHY ARE WE SO FUCKING SAD? WHY IS HAPPINESS SO EXCLUSIVE? WHY DOES AN ORGASM HAVE TO BE OVER-RATED AND YET SHORT-LIVED? Even a silly laughter lasts longer for truth's sake! The answer to the above queries—like most stuff that bothers us—lies inside. We are inherently selfish. And it doesn't take molecular physics to figure out how this happened. Industrial Revolution is not the culprit here because we've always been miserable. So blaming it on an event that kickstarted a few centuries ago would be misguided. What won't be, though, is the present generation's tendency to sit on padded chairs and pass judgments at will. Building castles in air is out of fashion hence nowadays we build opinions instead. The worst part is we like them to spread to every nook and corner of this planet. A little bit of effort with genuine displacement and force won't hurt. 
OK, Internet has to be the most contagious remnant of modernity but it's still not the reason behind our misery. Perhaps our bouts of sadness emanate from our digital loneliness. This remarkable sense of being someone and doing something (that doesn't translate to actual work) in our career are just few of the several symptoms attached to our current state of lostness. For instance, we seldom make eye contacts as we let our hands dance so that the person in front of us stays distracted and doesn't detect our lies. Even on the personal end, we are no different. We don't keep in touch with our old friends even  though we continue to seek newer ones on virtual platforms. The fact remains that we don't feel for anybody except ourselves. This world could do far better given the knowledge it has accumulated over the eras. It's like we know every freaking thing except how to live. If the whole idea behind existing is to be happy, then it can only take place when there's a willingness to share it. It could be anything with anyone. If nothing lasts forever, why should the rules be any different for sadness? Besides, happiness comes in all sizes.
NB: I have a problem with everything i̶n̶c̶l̶u̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶m̶y̶s̶e̶l̶f̶. As i'm growing older, the realisation of time being finite is disturbing. Of course, there's always something called choice which is generally followed by a heavy dose of pain and then later hopefully, delight. But you can neither have everything nor live with nothing. There has to be a balance somewhere in the middle. Once that is located, the distinction between knowledge and wisdom shall be established.

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Anonymous said...

I know my opinion doesn't matter but i beg to differ with the you on the point that we don't know how to live.Inherently, everybody knows how to get a life within their means.It's just that we don't want to because we are too busy wallowing in self pity!If we can kick the habit,life is ours for the living...but then,easier said than done