Thursday, October 10, 2013

Remember us?

Remember the time when nursery rhymed?
Remember the wind when our curtains chimed?
Remember the beauty that you once defined?
Remember those lies—like yours and mine?
Remember the reason why you were left behind?
Remember the place that we couldn't find?
Remember the past carpet-bombed by time?
Remember those moments that were too sublime?
Remember the envy that our friends couldn't hide?
Remember the shine in my eyes and the warmth in your smile?
Remember the passion we learned to remind?
Remember those, eight or was it nine?
Remember the doubt that wouldn't bide?
Remember the corner where you cried?
Remember the relief when we got denied?
Remember those words that traveled far and wide?


Chinmay Bhat said...

Too good

Anonymous said...

Memories can never fade.....especially,if they have etched themselves in your soul!