Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Untying the knot

They say love happens just once in a lifetime. If that is so, then it may take more than a genius to recognize when and how and whom it happened with. Falling in love again and again and again and then again is what eventually wears us out. Let's call it the perks of being confused. But they have their limitations too. You can be wrong. After all, you get many chances. On the other hand, marriage is something that should happen just once in a lifetime. Give it a shot. If it works, well and great. If it doesn't, don't ever walk that wretched aisle again. Simple. Maybe it's not that simple. People get married hoping to give themselves a second chance at life. Create something least on a personal level with somebody you supposedly adore and want to "share the rest of your time with" without a second thought. Well, the idea is noble. The application is quite different. When the veneer of novelty starts fading, that's when reality strikes you. At that point, it's up to you to whether you want to fall in love again or rise in marriage for a change. I'm so glad that George Clooney didn't choose the latter.

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t said...

it doesn't happen once in a lifetime, it just happens in different ways..but we remember some more than others. the tricky part is wondering if one's lover or ex, remember it the same way too. difficult to digest, but that's just the optimist in me talking.