Friday, October 18, 2013

Mere pass maa thi

Before i begin my diatribe, let me state this very clear: I'm all for equal rights. In fact, i strongly believe that there should be unequal rights—in favour of women—so as to make up for all those lost centuries of abject injustice. But then, i don't run this planet so the thought will remain just that. However, what won't remain so is the ongoing trend of kids growing up with parents who are barely there. In most cases seen, both the mom as well as the dad are working (read: earning). As a result, they leave their offspring at someone else's care. It's always about money and the so-called good life. So the child is enrolled into various classes that are simply a euphemism for killing time. I'm not being nostalgic here but what's the point in having children when you can't even spend time with him/her? On top of that, most families prefer being nuclear so the conveyor belt that leads to grandparents (of the child, of course) is extended. It doesn't matter whether an adult is dumb or 200 IQ-ed. As long as s/he has time to spare for their immediate descendants, it's all right. The most basic education a child receives is from his/her parents. That is the period when a bond is created that might last a lifetime, if not more. That's when stories are told to curious ears, values are inculcated and images, drawn. Who can possibly replace the protagonists? A nanny? A tutor? It doesn't even make sense. And then one day, when that baby of yours speaks for himself/herself, you're surprised to learn that you played a minor role except for that abominable part where bills had to paid. Not very long ago, women used to take care of the house. Majority still do; at least in our country. I believe there's nothing demeaning about it. If a mother raises her children expeditiously, what's there not to admire? What's sad though is, since most mothers are selfless to their core, their efforts are taken for granted. And that's one of the reasons why womenfolk feel that being restricted to homemaking is a defeat. Furthermore, most men are ungrateful jerks. Some of the urban men who attained fatherhood learned it the hard way that it's not easy being a parent. One of the few positive outcomes of the Paradigm Switch in the unique institution called an Indian family. Whatever be the current scenario, children deserve better. Feminists love to pick up fight saying how kitchen is not a women's prerogative but they are missing the point. Nobody dislikes a good cook. Or an able housewife for that matter. As long as you're good at your job, well and great. For instance, be a doctor as well as an honourable parent. You chose to bring someone into this world. Now wo/man up and take responsibility. In a set up where each member of the family is respected, there shouldn't be any gender-centric ego hassles. What's really happening, as of now, is the newest crop seems lost in trying to get the best of both worlds, especially when neither of them have that always-in-demand extra minutes. The old set up might appear subservient but the kids benefit a lot. At least it ensured children receive what they were entitled to by birth: childhood.

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Someday you're going to make a great husband and a fabulous father.....I have absolutely no doubt about it!