Friday, October 4, 2013

Medical ahemergency

For almost a month now, i've been waking up with a severe pain in my back. The funny part is it gets better moments after i get up and stretch myself. I've heard of biological clock but this must be a biological alarm that doesn't want me to sleep after sunrise. After the usual morning rituals that includes feeling bad for myself thanks to my failing health and telling mother that she deserves a maid—if not a daughter-in-law—i reach workplace only to station myself into a god-forbidden chair whose sole purpose in life is to make sure its adherent end up with sedentary diseases. By afternoon, the pain miraculously shifts to my front. It's definitely not stomach—some inches above it actually on either side. Must be the liver and whatever that is on its opposite end. Again, i remedy myself by taking a walk. Boom! The discomfort is gone. One of the lessons life teaches us is to amble without purpose as often as possible. Some learn it early. Some by the time they're retiring or retired enough to spend quality time in the local park. Coming back to somebody who is neither retired yet nor has a promising career, i feel a sharp tinge in my head as the evening approaches night with an offer it can't refuse. It's not headache for certain. Definitely not migraine. It's more of a sensation. Like electricity running in your optical veins. Damn, it's annoying though! It reminds me of that hernia which i got operated several years ago. However, the solution is simpler this time around: i look out of the window before going back to watching movies/sitcoms/series and sleep with the PC eventually slipping into standby mood. With the 24/7 downloading on as usual. Fortunately enough, the backache politely waits for the night to end.

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Anonymous said...

Hugs....because that's the only thing I can think of doing to relieve your pain.They say it works wonders.♥♥♥ Besides, seeing a doctor and taking care might also help!