Sunday, October 20, 2013

Game, set, mismatch

We are living in undeniably atypical times. 
Shutdown and USA are being used in the same sentence for a change. And so are Sachin and retirement. Ditto for Russia and peacemaker. NaMo and secular. IRCTC and fast. Remake and Zanjeer. Malala and Pakistan. Manchester United and Muslim. Photography and Instagram. Gravity and jaw-dropping (no, wait). Nokia and extinct. Mumbai and Metro. Kim Kardashian and motherhood. Obama and warmongering. Asaram Bapu and molestation. Neymar and overrated. Sanjay Dutt and prison. Ship of Theseus and Bollywood. Nitish Kumar and kingmaker. Money and spiritualism. Yoga and industry. The Good Road and The Lunchbox. Facebook and Unlike. Expressions and Deepika. Harbour Line and delays. Literature and Fifty Shades of Grey. Hugh Jackman and Micromax. Science and God particle. Jeff Daniels and Emmy. Passenger and eargasm. Blackfish and white lies. Fashion and Lady Gaga. Arvind Kejriwal and politics. Superheroes and franchise. Assange and hypocrite. Film festivals and endless queues. Vidya Balan and married. Bigg Boss and entertainment. Justin Bieber and trend. Journalism and paid news. Batman and Ben Affleck. Poetry and pass√©. Twerking and dictionary. LK Advani and alive. Curable and cancer. Rohit Shetty and cinema. Lifestyle and diseases. Carlsen and Chennai. Dengue and Yash Chopra (as well as Ranveer Singh). Parsis and poor. Iran and understanding. Tourism and Kashmir. Pope and selfie. Gen. VK Singh and moron. Buddhists and murderers. Pharma and loss. Rahul Gandhi and responsibility. Neighbour and MILFs. Lungi and dance. Break and Adele. Heartbreak and Robert Pattinson. A-Jolie and malnourished. Terrorism and Nairobi. Kunal Nayyar and Salman Khan. Arnab Goswami and silent. Mars and mineral water. Saviour and Raghuram Rajan. Steven Soderbergh and last film. Beckham and farewell. SRK and sex determination. Murakami and Nobel. Homosexuals and pre-nups. Maggi and nutrition. Federer and decline. Politicians and common sense. Dr. Amartya Sen and mistaken. Breaking Bad and Way too good. East India Company and Indian owner. Anil Kapoor and ads. Twitter and BFFs. Al Jazeera and unbiased. Lionel Messi and tax evasion. Honey and sing. Lalu Prasad Yadav and prison. Court cases and fast track. Arsenal and top. Gareth Bale and slipped disc. Weird and awesome. Nawazuddin and hero. Johnny Depp and England. Natalie Portman and Paris. Emraan Hashmi and versatile. Willing and wayward. Theatre and profits. Radio and comeback. Truth and facts. Nelson Mandela and dead. John Abraham and breakthrough. China and role model. Vella and you.

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Like, you and mentions! :-)