Friday, April 25, 2014

Modern resurrection

We'll be remembered as the generation that made boredom a means of life. Be it at home or office, we somehow find a way to be "bored". As if it's a matter of pride. At the risk of gifting you cramps, this is what we should do when we're bored. Run. Just get out of the room and run. On the street. On the road. Mud. Concrete. Whatever. Just run. Your otherwise dormant muscles will be mighty surprised. You'll feel your heart pounding. Your limbs will flail while feeling the cold wind even if you're running under Indian sun (yes, that's the magical part!). Run till you can't run anymore. And when you're done, you can rest your palms on your knees and take a look at your feet. They might feel sore but they are happy. You might look flustered but you are alive.

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