Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Miracles on wheels

The thing about love is it happens in the unlikeliest of places. Corners. With strangers whom you never met before or shall never meet again. It's wordless at best. Gestures. On an exhausting bus recently, love welcomed back silence in her own innocent way. A little girl, less than one year old, was crying a G7#. The only difference being her voice wasn't pleasant and was only adding to the summer toll on passengers. Her mother, let alone her father, was unable to handle the situation. The situation being the poor child's inability to cope with heat. This wailing went on for a while before an old lady dressed in Maharashtrian nauvari saree took matters into her hands—quite literally. She stood up, leaned into the seat in front of her and urged the young mom to let her hold the baby. On receiving the bundle of weeping joy, she sat down and held her close to her chest. The little girl seemed shocked in the beginning by her free transfer but she wasn't complaining. The old lady not only rocked her calmly but also took turns between blowing hair onto her cheeks and neck and gently kissing her forehead and temples. No surprise there was no more noise in the bus. All thanks to a toddler's discovery of a makeshift grandma.

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