Sunday, April 6, 2014

Vitamin M+

Blame capitalism. Blame the privileged lot. Blame the government. Blame whoever you want. The fact is and the fact remains that money is a wonderfool instrument in maintaining balance. It can give religion a cardiac arrest and orthodoxy, a kick in the balls. It can make the conservatives loosen up a bit and the poor, a shot at life. But its most intriguing quality is its ability to make others forget who you are. They see notes instead. Conveniently. It's cute how the lower rung of the society suffer the most in spite of sticking to their age old principles. On the other end, the upper class bend and break the rules according to their whims. Life is their playground. They do things their way and get away with it. It's all about wanting and getting. The fundamentals don't change though. Let's say, marriage. While the poor can't imagine his ward tying the knot with someone who doesn't belong to his community, the favoured folks can't afford to be THIS myopic. They get married according to the convenience of their cash-rich heart. Community, religion, traditions, etc be damned. And nobody questions who or why because everybody's busy queuing up at the grand buffet.

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