Thursday, April 10, 2014

Veto for a change

It's that time of the year when we exercise our rights to bring new crooks into the Parliament. Once they are in, they'll do everything except work. The numbers of bills and acts that are pending in our system is mindboggling. Smaller countries with bigger problems fare better in this regard. Be it Congress or BJP, certain ground realities don't change. It's not ideology but basic refrain from ethics. Not like they are public servants for real. They are not. They get paid in money and kind and insurmountable privileges. If you don't think too much, it doesn't require NASA to figure out where exactly the problem lies then: They don't want to work. Plain and simple. If you're getting paid to paint the wall, it's your duty—not the wall's. And that's something the Parliamentarians fail to understand (or pretend to fail to understand). Sessions in and sessions out. But it also begs the question whether we're paying the right kind of painters. In other words, do they know anything about painting? At all?

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