Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I'm flooded by you,
While awake as well as in my sleep  
— running or resting in your thoughts.
Not that i'm complaining.
Just making you aware of our loss.
Slipping in and out. 
Not that you need to know.
But i think you're amazing.
Wonderful as a dream that comes true. 
So pristine in your ways!
Not that my words mean anything.
Just wanted to find an excuse to talk.
And let you know why, how or what. 
The space between us and our past.
Not that i would have kept shut.
But it makes more sense to express,
without losing the thread of spark. 
May you end up with me and we begin something new.
Not that we haven't already.
Beautiful, aren't we?
I love you. 

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