Sunday, June 22, 2014

Civic sense

The track distance between Vashi and Mankhurd is about 8.5 km, which makes it the longest between two railway stations in the city. Other than the thick mangroves on both ends, what separates the two spot is Vashi Creek in the middle. Other than enjoying the wind and watching Arabian Sea, the daily commuters make the most of the view in other ways as well. They fling plastic bags filled with withered garlands from puja and other such materials—for religious reasons—into the seawater. One gentleman recently surprised his fellowmen by wrapping his heap of dried flowers in folded newspapers instead of polythene. It goes without saying that his wordless action must have sparked some thoughts and hopefully, some nature-friendly change in behaviour. Though it is far from ideal a thing to do, let's hope some people got the hint.

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