Thursday, June 19, 2014

You and the tube

TV is back. It's been a gradual process and as of now, it's completely back. And how. While American and British television—if you're not into epic Scandinavian series—is growing by leaps and bounds. What's worth noting here is the way the upswing has been right across the spectrum. It's not concentrated on one genre. There's everything for everyone. The most reasonable conclusion behind this change is the fact that the best writers are moving to the smaller screen. When you binge-watch Breaking Bad or True Detective or Game of Thrones or Downtown Abbey or The Big Bang Theory or Sherlock or Mad Men and yadayadaya, you can't help spare a thought for the ones who had the genius to conceptualize it in their head. And also the arduous path the makers took to translate that vision into reality. The whole point being writers make all the difference. Imagination is priceless and so is the home truth that Indian television is going to face our back—indefinitely—for a reason.

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