Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vocational hazard

Over the years, i've had several thoughts about what i really want to do with my life. Because i know one thing for sure—even if i'm mistaken about everything else—this existence as a human is not a fluke. Each one of us is here with a purpose. However, very few manage to find theirs. Like i mentioned earlier, i've had thoughts. Real, deep, futile ones but still. Sharing a few that took form of words, is all.

Me: I want to be a fisherman. 
ABC: Try Pacific Ocean. Indian Ocean's isn't THAT deep.

Me: I want to be a teacher. 
DEF: What are you going to teach? How to become the prime minister of Pessimism? 

Me: I want to be a film critic. 
GHI: Devere! Just because you're an expert at downloading movies illegally? 

Me: I want to be an engineer. 
JKL: You're going to make a fine clone of a lower middle-class Indian who pretends to be an upper middle-class Indian. No offence, just kidding!

Me: I want to be a poet. 
MNO: For real? Hmm. If i'm hearing you right, you want to die of starvation? 

Me: I want to be a photographer. 
PQR: Last checked, the world hasn't turned completely blind. 

Me: I want to be a farmer. 
STU: Are you out of your mind? Or are you forgetting that sun is usually out of the cloud? Or both?

Me: I want to be a writer.
VWX: Going by your blog, you can't write more than 350 words at one go. 

Me: I want to be a prophet.
YZA: Now we're talking, my bipolar friend.


Anonymous said...

Are you having a fight with yourself? Tel you what, work your way through it. Now that you're a film critic aspire to be a teacher. Approach a mass media college. Later become a writer. with all that money, become a fisherman. Buy a yatch for kicks. Become so famous that people take your words seriously. Viola! You're a prophet.
Don't pursue photography. You're terrible at it. Let your wife pursue it.
You don't need as a poet. You're a poet.

t said...

Become a traveller who sustains on free-lancing as a journalist and teacher. That way you'd take care of almost everything you had ever wanted to be and not die of starvation (fishing while traveling). Btw, you're already a poet, a film critic ..and also a journalist, which you didn't even bother to mention! At best, you can try looking like a prophet.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you mentiomed anything about being a film maker? Don't you think everything you ever wanted to be could be attained through the medium of cinema?Aren't film makers. ..I mean the great ones, prophets in their own right? (Btw , please don't ever contemplate being a farmer....it would be too much... for your headache! :-) )