Friday, June 20, 2014

Maximum mess

With the monsoon making its presence felt, many roads are back to their ugly best — thanks to accumulating muck. And, though we like to point fingers at the authorities, much of the blame rests on  the public who fail to do their civic duty. For some inexplicable reason, we don’t throw garbage into the huge garbage cans, which are hard to miss. Instead, it becomes a sort of game to throw stuff around the receptacles. The resultant pile-up of rubbish in the open is a common sight in the city. Much of the  problem can be easily solved if the aam janata took it upon themselves to just maintain basic cleanliness. Not helping the situation, rag-pickers forage for useful items among the litter, and leave  without putting the remnants back into the bin. Oh, and who can forget the stray dogs? They too do their bit in spreading the word... err...waste.

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Ankita said...

India is also famous because of its garbage...we take pride in being uncivic...sick!