Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Rays and kisses

It takes a bit more than eight minutes for a ray of sunlight to reach us. In other words, it takes quite a lot of time. Arithmetically speaking, an average person blinks 20 times per minute which means 160 blinks would be required for a ray to settle down. Since blinking is an individual process, the numbers may differ to some extent. How about a kiss, huh? A collaborative process, no doubt. If a person kisses another person, say, 60 times per minute—non-stop—as if on a potion composed by Cupid himself—how many pecks on any part of the face please? 480 or around 500. Whoa! 500 kisses for a ray of sun to touch the surface of our planet sounds..err..wearisome. Ahem. Here's hoping that a ray kisses the eyes of the one lost in another. Devastatingly.

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Anonymous said...

Kisses and wearisome? And that too when you're showering it on someone you totally love? Isn't time supposed to stand still at such moments? If that's true, who'd keep track of time? When in a kiss,especially when lips are locked, key is the feelings, not time.Ray or no ray, lips will do what they like doing the best, untiringly....for any length of time!