Friday, June 27, 2014

I, me and old self

Every muscle in my body is sick of this sedentary lifestyle that i'm presently leading. I can almost hear myself fatten. I used to be very lean, quite fast and energetic. No, not like Cristiano Ronaldo. I had my reservations about turning into a machine. But then, he hasn't chased a local train—let alone struggled his way into one—so there's no way he'd know how inhumanly unfair life can be. Silly analogies apart, i'm getting old the way i thought i never will. In my head, i was supposed to travel, meet new people, learn something unforgettable on my journey and never ever settle down. Not that i'm settling down anytime soon but still. Turns out i didn't turn out the way i pictured myself at the turn of the century. I used to be 14 once and I remember running around a lot. I didn't mind the sun or the heat or the humidity. As a backup, i just wanted to complete SSC and get myself a job in an Udupi hotel as a waiter. Of course, that was a secret dream and things were to change eventually. Nowadays, when i look out of the window during working hours, i can't help blaming that boy for being so damn naive. Moreover, i can't help blaming this man who has nothing against greying and decaying but who refuses to grow up.

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