Sunday, December 14, 2014

Delayed and how

In the recent past, we've highlighted several times how Harbour Line needs to buckle up a bit given the constant train delays. Earlier, the local trains weren't running on time during the rush hour—which generally isn't the case with Western or Central Line—but now the 'privilege' has been extended much beyond. In other words, the rush hour doesn't end only! The number of passengers keep rising to dangerous levels even after the clock strikes nine. The above picture is from the past week at Kurla when the time was well above 11 in the night. The platform number is seven and  during this time, no other platform witness such crowd. Is it because the trains are running properly on Central Line or is it because the commuters are relatively lower in number? In anyway, isn't it high something got done for Harbour Line? It's an utter case of apathy from the railway authority who have been treating the CST-Panvel Line as a stepchild. If not, what else can explain this daily harassment?

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