Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Signs of ageing

During the rush hours, whichever local train halting at whichever platform on Dadar station brings with it the disembarkation of a sea of humanity—to put it very mildly. A majority of this crowd make way towards the overheard bridge so as to either get out of the station or to move to another platform to catch the connecting train. We overlook the ones crossing the tracks because they don't consider their lives worthy enough. Coming back to the ascending crowd on the FOB stairs, there's hardly enough space so shrinking one's contour while moving up is a standard practice. During the ascent where we resemble penguins, accidentally hitting the heel of the person in front of you or getting hit by the one behind you is a standard practice too. What isn't is an old man with a heavy box on his head climbing the stairs while you're walking up slowly ahead of him. He'll go mad at you by mumbling, "Buddhe maafik chalta hai." The irony being lost only on time and nothing else.

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