Sunday, December 28, 2014

Skip before you run

Do what your heart says,
not because it's always right,
but because it seldom is,
and life is all about capturing those instances
when it's damn sure about something.
It's perfectly alright to be sad,
for happiness is a vacation worth fighting for,
but don't create an enemy out of sorrow,
your tears keeps you warm at night
but you let your blanket take all the credit.
There's an alarming rush for perfection,
as if we were meant to be role models,
of Homo sapiens with our skin waxed,
fashion in place and no scope for typos
although prejudice is welcome on every table.
Love somebody more than yourself,
but without keeping the scores,
or asking questions like how or why,
for it's only when you find a home
inside another person that you know yourself.
Whatever you do, however you are,
you remain the captain of your ship,
your own iceberg and your own north star, 
you hear your voice raise when you laugh
and your blood gush when you slit your wrist.
Tomorrow is a promise made to none,
while today can make all the difference,
procrastinating is cute as long as you're breathing,
but death is infamous for its premature entry
which you might overlook pretending to be busy.

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