Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Men will be men

At any given point of time, more men are travelling in a Mumbai local train than women. Which might also explain why there are fewer compartments reserved for the fairer sex. Of course, the rest of the compartments are called general, not gentlemen's compartment but you get the drift. However, women—especially those who travel on a daily basis—prefer to stick with their kind when it comes to commuting. Which is also why i was surprised to come across an elderly woman standing amid men on a platform at Dadar station. According to her, men are more courteous to her than those belonging to her gender. “In ladies compartment, even young girls—forget middle-aged women—won't be kind enough to vacate their seats for an oldie—forget pregnant women—like me. In general compartment, things are far better as i'm often helped while boarding as well as alighting.” As discouragingly habitual or encouragingly nice as these contrasting gestures may sound, it's high time senior citizens got a reserved compartment!

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