Sunday, December 28, 2014

Phoney business

If i ask you who's your best friend, there's a greater probability of you overlooking the one thing that's been very close to you like never before: your cellphone. After all, there's a reason why the closest we get to hearing a heart break is our smartphone slipping from our hand only to crash on the floor. Worse could be misplacing the phone entirely like we do sometimes. However, the worst possible case scenario would be getting mugged of your phone while commuting in a train. Imagine the irony of losing it to a robbery attempted in a crowded venue. But it's a harsh reality of our city. There's no dearth of news ringing in time and time again of the aam janta paying the price for being absorbed in their gadget. Like some unsuspecting commuters standing on the footboard of a halted train fidgeting with their phones only to be snatched of his all-important device by a thief who is hanging onto the footboard of a parallel train. Sometimes, pickpockets aim for your phone instead of your wallet. If that isn't scary enough, we recently came across an incident on a platform in Andheri. A lean guy entered a train, tried to tussle a commuter's phone out of his grab—unsuccessfully though—before jumping out of the train. All within few seconds. If anything, these discouraging events help us understand how behavioral patterns contribute to the rise of a particular crime too.

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