Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two's company and three, epiphany

She, my brother and i were recently in a tea café—i don't know what such a place is called because the menu was full of tea and so were the quotes on the walls—and we were wondering what to order. Unconcerned about food, my mind—propelled by the endless carnival of beverages on offer—went straight back to the turn of twenty-first century. The evening of 31st December, 1999. To celebrate the dawn of a new millennium, Star Movies had premiered Titanic on the eve of 2000. That happened to be the first as well as the last time i ever watched it. I remember wanting to grow up and become Leonardo DiCaprio’s straighter-than-arrow hair. Anyway, it's funny how an epiphany chooses its own sweet time and moment to strike us. Coming back to the more pragmatic present, while sitting at that cute little round table, i suddenly recollected that scene when Captain Smith plays with a slice of lemon in his teacup before drowning it with his spoon. I’d like to claim that i also understood the significance of that scene. Perhaps that white-bearded gentleman already foresaw the sinking of the ship-that-won’t-sink. Perhaps not. But during the pleasant afternoon the three of us gathered, it was unmistakable how the aforementioned scene just struck me before i went on and on boring two of my dearest people. Also, it was uncanny how each one of us had watched that epicness of a movie together—well, almost—15—well, almost—years ago.

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That's why we are awesome, love.