Thursday, April 16, 2015

A balance between giving in and giving up

It's easy to quit. I know this from experience. It's always tougher to hang around, try harder and be hopeful. Quitting is an easy way out unless you're addicted to booze or smoke. However, it's also important when exactly to give up.  Nowadays, giving up is tantamount to losing when it shouldn't be. By that yardstick, losing weight must be a defeat too. The point being you should know what's going on. Where exactly you belong (or don't) before it's too late. To make matters severe, most of the time, it IS too late before you even get a whiff of reality. You are usually mistaken about so many things. You thought you had a dear friend when you didn't. You thought your colleagues will stand up for you when they couldn't. You thought you'll never be an orphan because your parents were always there for you. FYI, they aren't going to be around forever and you're going to miss them badly. Turns out that's how life is for the most part. Full of surprises and impromptu situations. In such a volatile scenario, wouldn't it be advisable to not give up unless you'are dead sure that you've given in your all? Also, wouldn't it be more fashionable to give up at the right time? Just quit by not being too hard on your ego? No? Okie-dokie.

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