Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting well soon

I'm not really keeping well. Some ache or an underarm lump or gastric discomfort always emerge from time to time. Top of the chart, it's been about nine days since i've been living-in with a neck sprain. The epicenter of pain keeps shifting from one point to another...secretly...behind my back. I even stopped using pillow but due to nocturnal gymnastics, not much changes for me during the daytime. It hurts. That said, some mornings are better than the others, especially those whereof i haven't woken up in the middle of the night to shit blood. I guess my days of blissful sleep are long gone anyway. And that must explain the bulging dark circle. I won't blame the shift in city though. If your system is inherently weak, you shouldn't go around blaming the environment. Moreover, Gurgaon has been relatively good to me even though i'm not really fond of it. The ugliest part about having poor health is your mind is never at peace. You stop thinking and start imagining stuff. That never did anyone good except John Lennon. And he TOO was shot! 

PS: To those who think, i need to see a doctor, i don't. I've seen more than enough of them. They are generally unkind, immensely capitalistic with minimum patience for what you've got to say about your feelings. In fact, i should visit a shrink for my emotional problems but i won't. 

PSS: You know what a group of doctors is called? Profit.

PSSS: Can't wait for this month to end. It's like a bad April Fools' joke that dragged on and on and on and on.

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Lalit said...

how do you manage to have a something or the other good content to write on twitter, insta, facebook,poem and blogs? My paper as well as post remains blank.

PS: I think you're good observer of life