Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Affecting causes

As per Fargo, the epic TV series, a rich guy tries to make the world a better place by giving away all his wealth. Turns out it wasn't enough. So he decided to donate his kidney. As expected, that wasn't enough either. So he went to his doctor and told him that he wished to donate all of his vital body parts. The startled doc told him that it isn't possible, particularly when he's still alive. 
So what did our guy do?
He goes ahead and kills himself, leaving the body to used by science for greater good. 
To my understanding, he was trying to make a difference and i don't blame him. It's a natural instinct. Anybody who breathes out carbon dioxide for a living should know that every little thing that we plan to do yields a greater motive of wanting to make a difference in the world we inhabit. Some of us do it without having to lose a kidney. Some of us do it by losing more than just a kidney. 

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