Monday, April 27, 2015

Midnight tryst

If the world were to end tonight at 12, who would you like/want/need to go to? Who shall be that person whose heartbeat you'd like to listen to with your ear pressed against his/her chest? Will you waste your breath on words? If yes, what will you say that the person doesn't already know? Where will you like to spend those moments? Under the sky? On the terrace or balcony, letting the mosquitoes have their Last Supper while you are at it? Where else then? What will you cook or order for dinner? Or would you skip food to make tea for two? What if there are more than two involved? Will you huddle? How would that appear like? Silence doesn't suit a crowd, now does it? Who will be the first to break down? What will happen then? Will the TV be on? Would anyone take out their phone to see what the timeline says? Will there be pictures taken know, for souvenirs? Awkward, eh? Thought so. 

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