Monday, April 20, 2015


Some years ago, i read an article stating very succinctly that garnering sympathy from absolute strangers helped in speedy recovery. It could be anything from a broken bone to a wrecked heart to a damaged mind. Sympathy was said to be the key catalyst. As is the norm, i took the theory to heart and have been consistently inviting random sentiments whenever something untoward happens. I'd even flash my paper cut to bus conductors and random people firmly believing that the practice would alleviate my sorry case. In my defense, i was always aware that i'm not really bright and prone to idiocy but it recently dawned on me that i must have pushed my stupidity way too far. The problem is sympathy is too superficial to bring about a healthy change. If it really worked, i wouldn't even need anyone else because i'd be sympathizing with myself in adequate quantity. Which brings me to the conclusion that it was in my head as a lot of other useless things are. Fortunately, i've at least realized my folly although i should admit that i rather enjoyed showing strangers where it hurts the most. 

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