Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Whether you like it or not

The weather has been acting crazy since i moved north. It's almost like this city is yet to come to terms with my presence. And i'm not even exaggerating. It has been anything but normal here since Valentine's Day. There have been crazy lightnings, untimely showers, highly irregular sandstorms, sudden dip in temperature and occasional rise as well. All this when Gurgaon is supposed to be hot. It's supposed to be cruel. It's supposed to be dusty and annoying. Guess what? Last evening, it started raining as soon as i got into my colleague's car. All we needed was the sea to go with the ensuing drive. It was that wonderful! OK. It didn't end well. We were stuck in a traffic that refused to move for ages. Anyway, that was last night. As of now, May is about 15 days away and there is not a hint of extreme summer anywhere. Some mornings, i'm transported to Bangalore by the cool breeze that greet my face as we step out for work. I should be relishing every bit of it (and to be honest, i am) but at the same time, i wonder whether this too shall end horribly.  

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Aquatic Static said...

it will my friend. brace yourself.