Wednesday, April 1, 2015


After months (if not years) of claiming that i'll never join Instagram, i not only joined it but also made myself home on Snapchat. And i am addicted like never before. I don't own a DSLR nor am a photograper par excellence but i see things like Haley Joel Osment did in The Sixth Sense. Just kidding! It's a pity he couldn't see his career fading away within a decade. Anyway, it's fun to post random pictures with one-word caption (on Instagram) and lame images with quirky lines (on Snapchat) every once in a while all the fucking time. And that's where the problemo lies. I remember posting not less than 100 tweets on Twitter a day when i initially joined Twittersphere. That figure has come down to 10 in less than seven years. I don't care much about my timeline, let alone my mentions. On the other contrary, it's cute how my attention span has spiked over the past two days thanks to extensive activities on the aforementioned sites. Let's wait and not watch how long this phase continues.

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