Thursday, April 9, 2015

Are you in pain or vice versa?

This little boy of eight burned his face and arm. Badly ain't the suitable adverb. He could even smell his skin emitting odd scent but he wouldn't cry. It was evident that the boy was too shocked to react. Overlooking his intriguing demeanor, his loved ones rushed him to hospital. He was calmer than the dying tree outside the window. The doctor immediately took over his case and got down to treating the burns with his nurse's help. Not a yelp would emerge out of the boy's system. Even the cotton stubs tending his fresh wounds wouldn't make him squirm. It was as if his body and mind were in collusion with the gravity of the accident that took place less than 30 minutes ago. The doctor couldn't have asked for a better patient! The nurse pretended as if it was normal for a kid to behave so zen despite the obvious pain. The facial dressing itself took about half an hour. Not a sound from the victim's end though. His arm displayed relatively lesser complications when the doctor was about to start his procedure on it. Just to make an exemplary case out of our little hero, he said, “Learn something from him...” making the curious patients aware of the lack of noise in the ward. 
But that was it.

On hearing that accolade, our little monk just let all hell's fury loose. He cried like no patient has ever done before and the unfunny part was his tears were nowhere to be seen as the bandage kept soaking whatever his eyes had to say. 

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Harry said...

Shakti bhai, I know you are not well. I had seen the medical diagnosis slip you put on FB. Hope you are better now.

anyway, just as a good fan/brother/human whatever, telling you to please let me know if you need any help. It will be my pleasure if I could be of any help to you. you stay away from your parents now.

take care