Monday, July 20, 2015

Crawling into closed eyes

Absurd dreams and i go back a long way. The only problem is our point of contact begins and ends with my closed eyes. As usual, i saw a weird dream last night wherein this huge monitor lizard was trying to get inside our room. It was darkish in hue and made a hissing noise as it opened its tiny mouth. It was also screeching against the floor. To its credit, it was raining outside and i won't blame it for rushing in. My immediate reaction was to look for my partner. After all, she is the one who chases lizards from our room. However, out of habit, i vividly remember a shiver i felt both in my dream and as well as in my bed. 

I woke up instantly and believe me or not, it began to drizzle outside at that precise moment. Must be around 3-ish in the morning. Thankfully, there were no reptiles to deal with. 

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