Thursday, July 30, 2015

Why for youth

As i'm getting older, i'm becoming more and more aware of the futility of youth. The arrogance young people exhibit and the ultimate decay they lead themselves to. I won't call myself old yet just because i've got the world to travel. So far, i've been to few places. I need to see what our planet is made up and how people are similar in their differences. I hope to breathe the freshness of knowledge and i wish to bask in the light of wisdom. I fully understand that these are impossible dreams with the current settings. There are mundane responsibilities to take care of. You can't just leave everything behind and carry on with a life-changing journey, can you? Even Forrest Gump stopped running after a while. But then, he had a good run. The most admirable bit about him was his stubbornness in not letting his youth get affected by the scratches of the world. No scars, please. I guess each one of us have to go through youth just to call ourselves "wise" someday.

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